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Fight For Your Life

Odin was one of the legendary bands on the Hollywood Strip. This collection of 18 tracks was remastered by Roy Z (Judas Priest, Helloween) and...

Fractured Mirror

LastWorld returns with their 3rd album titled Fractured Mirror and features 10 new tracks. Includes a bonus song from the TIME sessions with a 2021...

From The Hip


Funny Money

This album features Steve Whiteman of Kix and a bonus track that was mixed by mega producer Beau Hill of Ratt, Warrant and Winger fame.



God's Best Sinners

W.A.N.T.E.D. - God's Best Sinners

Half Alive

Helix - Half Alive

Hated For Who We Are

Lucky Bastarz hails from Alessandria, Italy. Their style is rough, raw, fast and dirty and is influenced by the genre's godfathers, Motorhead.





Heaven's Gate


Heaven, Hell Or Hollywood?

XXX is based in Gothenburg, Sweden, and although being a new band, have a massive track record and experience from previous bands in various genres....
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Kingpin Skinny Pimp King Of Da Playaz Ball (2 LP) 06/02/2023
Endless Highway This Is The Moment 03/10/2023
R.L. Burnside & The Sound Machine Raw Electric: 1979-1980 (Double LP) 03/03/2023
Tyler Keith & The Apostles Hell To Pay 03/03/2023
Roxx Gang Voodoo You Love 02/17/2023
Savoy Brown Blues All Around 02/17/2023
Ashby Frank Leaving Is Believing 02/10/2023
Marcella & Her Lovers Got You Found (LP) 02/10/2023
Cherry St. Twited, Rude & Sticky Sweet 02/03/2023
Torben Enevoldsen Transition 02/03/2023
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