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(image for) Rome Wasn't Built In A Day

Rome Wasn't Built In A Day

Hot on the heels of their live album Live Lightning , Babylon A.D. proudly presents their latest studio release on Perris Records titled Rome...

(image for) 5.1


Perris Records presents the release of Torben Enevoldsen's brand new all instrumental album titled 5.1 . Torben plays all guitars, bass,...

(image for) 99 Crimes

99 Crimes

99 CRIMES is an original power rock trio band based out of Austin Texas featuring Paul Lidel of Dangerous Toys, Dirty Looks and Broken Teeth fame on...

(image for) Amalgama


Perris Records is proud to present the 3rd album from the metal band CYANIDE 4 titled, Amalgama . Mixing all the "metal elements" of each...

(image for) American Rebel Soul

American Rebel Soul

Perris Records is excited to bring you American Rebel Soul with their original groove-oriented, old-school melodic Blues rock. This self-titled debut...

(image for) Back For Another Taste

Back For Another Taste

HELIX's re-issued 1990 release titled, Back For Another Taste . "Running Wild in the 21st Century" won Heavy Metal Video of the Year in...

(image for) Bastard Of The Blues

Bastard Of The Blues

Helix's catalog of music spans over 30 years and they have sold millions of albums around the world along with gaining 5 Gold & 2 Platinum...

(image for) Best Of 1999-2021

Best Of 1999-2021

Mad Margritt is an explosive, highenergy rock band from Atlanta and is proud to present Best Of 1999-2021 . Features 3 unreleased tracks including...

(image for) Bloodwater Rebellion

Bloodwater Rebellion

Norwegian duo Keldian presents their 5th studio album for summer 2022 titled Bloodwater Rebellion . Based on a post-apocalyptic novel co-authored by...

(image for) Broken Halo

Broken Halo

This fantastic debut album from these Denmark rockers is in the vein of Motley Crue, Skid Row and Velvet Revolver.

(image for) Broken Teeth

Broken Teeth

This was a studio project from the brainchild of Perris Records, Tom Mathers, that featured members of Dangerous Toys, Dirty Looks, and Watchtower....

(image for) Buster Cherry

Buster Cherry

The new album from Cherry Street, is a collection of good-time, sleazy, hard rock nuggets. With riffage similar to AC/DC and an attitude as raw as...

(image for) Calling Everywhere

Calling Everywhere

Hardreams was born in 2000 in Barcelona, Spain, released The Road Goes On... in 2008, and have received numerous rave reviews worldwide. Their new...

(image for) Cherry St.

Cherry St.

Perris Records is pleased to present the reissue of the first album they ever released from 1992, the self-titled debut album by Cherry St. Formed by...

(image for) Cold Colours

Cold Colours

The Heavy Metal band, Cold Colours, is set to release their self titled 4th album. Cold Colours symbolizes a new beginning for the band with a more...

(image for) Days of the Apocalypse

Days of the Apocalypse

- Fifth album from this Italian band influenced by Megadeth and Iron Maiden.  - Voted #1 in "top metal song" and "top metal...

(image for) Deuce


Beautiful Creatures entered the music scene back in 2000 and have had hits with songs such as "1 A.M.", which appeared on TV shows like...

(image for) Eat Sleep Rock

Eat Sleep Rock

Eat Sleep Rock is the new album compilation from hard rockers, Helix. This set contains 11 tracks of the band's favorite songs recorded since...

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Dominic Quarto Happy Little Accidents 06/28/2024
Sierra Green & The Giants Here We Are 06/21/2024
Ford Dabney's Syncopated Orchestras After Midnight (2 CD) 06/21/2024
Tray Wellington Detour to the Moon 06/21/2024
Gangstagrass Blackest Things on the Menu (LP) 06/14/2024
Gangstagrass Blackest Things on the Menu 06/14/2024
Citrus Sun Anaconga 06/14/2024
Jordan St. Cyr My Foundation 06/14/2024
Namedroppers Starshine 06/14/2024
Lonesome River Band Winning Hand 06/14/2024
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