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7 Sins Of The Vampire (DVD)

A coven of vampire hookers strike in a small eastern city. Also Includes the making of. Bonus: Devilish Desire Of Dario Dragani .

A Bucket Of Blood (DVD)

A would-be sculptor murders people and covers them with clay in this clever and satirical black comedy.

A Chronicle Of Corpses

Philadelphia-based director Andrew Repasky McElhinney presents this lushly detailed horror tale concerning a doomed family of once-wealthy...

A Tribute To Ed Wood: Night Of The Fools / Gypsy Vampire's Revenge (DVD)

An eccentric re-imagining of a night with Edward D. Wood's 'Plan 9 from Outer Space.' / The insane Count Lugo returns from the grave to...

American Werewolf In The Phillipines (DVD)

Mr. Lobo presents this inexplicable tale of a man cursed by the devil to turn into a fiendish werewolf shot in the Philippines.

Anatomy Of A Psycho (DVD)

A maniacal killer seeks revenge after his brother is sent to the gas chamber.

Atom Age Vampire (DVD)

A surgeon turns himself into a monster while trying to restore a young woman's hideously scarred face.

Attack Of The Giant Leeches (DVD)

Slimy monsters from the depths of the Everglades need blood to survive.

Attack Of The Octopus People (DVD)

A thoughtful 1950's classic science fiction tribute by 16 year-old auteur Josh Kennedy.

Barbara Steel: The Original Scream Queen Collection (4 DVD)

Barbara Steele, "the First Lady of Horror", stars in four classic Italian-produced shockers: The Ghost  (1963), Terror-Creatures from...

Battle Beyond The Sun (DVD)

American version of a Russian sci-fi epic featuring two grotesque monsters who battle it out on a distant planet.

Beast From Haunted Cave (DVD)

Criminals on the run encounter an enigmatic, blood-drinking monster in a desolate cavern. Cleverly written, this well-performed horror yarn is...

Beast Of Blood

On an uncharted tropical island, a mad scientist is transplanting the heads of natives with gruesome results.

Bela Lugosi Silent Collection (3 DVD)

Before he became a legend playing Dracula, Bela Lugosi starred in these 3 silent films: The Deerslayer  (1920), Daughter of the Night...

Best Of The Worst: So Bad They're Good Movies (5 DVD)

The Terror Of Tiny Town , Bela Lugosi Meets A Brooklyn Gorilla , The Beast Of Yucca Flats , Santa Claus Conquers The Martians , Manos: The Hands Of...

Bigfoot Movie Collection (3 DVD)

4 movies from the Bigfoot craze of the 1970's: Shriek of the Mutilated , Curse of Bigfoot , The Legend of Bigfoot , Snowbeast .

Black Dragons (DVD)

In the wake on the Pearl Harbor Attack a Nazi plastic surgeon transforms Japanese spies into American industrialists in an effort to commit acts of...

Blood Of The Beast (DVD)

Faulty genetic cloning results in an army of flesh-eating monsters. A raw and bloodthirsty combination of 'Night Of The Living Dead,'...
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Various Artists Johnny Nicholas Presents Moon and the Stars- A Tribute to Moon Mullican, Volume One (LP) 01/27/2023
Various Artists Johnny Nicholas Presents Moon and the Stars- A Tribute to Moon Mullican, Volume Two (LP) 01/27/2023
Allan Holdsworth, Allan Pasqua, Chad Wackerman & Jimmy Haslip Proto-Cosmos 12/16/2022
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