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(image for) Love Me Forever-A Tribute To Motorhead (2 LP)

Love Me Forever-A Tribute To Motorhead (2 LP)

DOUBLE TRANSLUCENT OXBLOOD VINYL ALBUM Psycho Waxx presents its first pressing in celebration of Psycho Unlimited's patron saint, the Great Lemmy...

(image for) Anti-Terrestrial Black Metal (Official Release)

Anti-Terrestrial Black Metal (Official Release)

Ferocious Records is pleased to bring you the debut Black Metal album from Germany's Magoth titled, Anti Terrestrial Black Metal (Official...

(image for) Best Of 1999-2021

Best Of 1999-2021

Mad Margritt is an explosive, highenergy rock band from Atlanta and is proud to present Best Of 1999-2021 . Features 3 unreleased tracks including...

(image for) Black Hearse Serenade

Black Hearse Serenade

I.N.C. is taking Thrash Metal to the next level with this breakout album! Extreme Metal band Indestructible Noise Command (I.N.C.) recentlly...

(image for) Bloodwater Rebellion

Bloodwater Rebellion

Norwegian duo Keldian presents their 5th studio album for summer 2022 titled Bloodwater Rebellion . Based on a post-apocalyptic novel co-authored by...

(image for) Broken Teeth

Broken Teeth

This was a studio project from the brainchild of Perris Records, Tom Mathers, that featured members of Dangerous Toys, Dirty Looks, and Watchtower....

(image for) Calling Everywhere

Calling Everywhere

Hardreams was born in 2000 in Barcelona, Spain, released The Road Goes On... in 2008, and have received numerous rave reviews worldwide. Their new...

(image for) Cold Colours

Cold Colours

The Heavy Metal band, Cold Colours, is set to release their self titled 4th album. Cold Colours symbolizes a new beginning for the band with a more...

(image for) Days of the Apocalypse

Days of the Apocalypse

- Fifth album from this Italian band influenced by Megadeth and Iron Maiden.  - Voted #1 in "top metal song" and "top metal...

(image for) Deadweight


CD Release Jeremy McKinnon and Andrew Wade return to produce Deadweight, which is the sophomore album from rockers, Wage War. This 12 track release...

(image for) Dominhate


Ferocious Records is proud to present the second album from the Italian Thrash Metal band, Injury.  Dominhate  contains aggressive guitar...

(image for) Don't Turn Your Back

Don't Turn Your Back

Oslo - Don't Turn Your Back

(image for) Entering The Maze

Entering The Maze

Entering The Maze is the latest 10 track production from the Heavy Metal band, Overtures. This unique album also includes a DVD. For fans of Iron...

(image for) Expedition Darkness

Expedition Darkness

Swedish band Rimfrost began unleashing their ferocious brand of black metal on the world. Expedition Darkness is a horror themed Melodic Black/Death...

(image for) Fallen Angel

Fallen Angel

Perris Records is pleased to present the debut album from rocker Iain Ashley Hersey as a solo artist titled,  Fallen Angel . This album contains...

(image for) Guilty Pleasure

Guilty Pleasure

Texas's greatest "undiscovered" hard rock band, Broken Teeth, is pleased to bring your their latest production. Guilty Pleasure is an 11...

(image for) Heavy Excursions

Heavy Excursions

This is David Chastain's newest release, and encompasses what the artist feels are his best heavy instrumentals that he recorded in his over 20...

(image for) Hikari


Hikari is Oceans At Alaska's second full length album which translates to "Light" in English. This album contains 11 tracks including...

(image for) Instrumentalized


Southern Gentlemen returns with instrumental version of some of the band's tracks that saturate TV shows on a daily basis, including 'Drive...

(image for) Invictus


Ferocious Records is pleased to bring you the new album from Black Metal group Magoth titled, Invictus . This set is highly intense, ultra emotional...

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Catherine Russell & Sean Mason My Ideal 08/23/2024
Devon Allman Miami Moon (LP) 08/16/2024
Devon Allman Miami Moon 08/16/2024
Johnny Sansone Essential Johnny Sansone 08/09/2024
Various Artists East Side Story, Vol. 14 (Glow in the Dark Vinyl) 07/26/2024
Christopher Wyze & The Tellers Stuck in the Mud 07/19/2024
Various Artists East Side Story, Vol. 13 (Glow in the Dark Vinyl) 07/19/2024
Raul Midón Lost & Found 07/19/2024
Raul Midón Lost & Found 07/19/2024
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