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Blues For Life

DVD Release A young singer (Diamond) signs to a deadly Blues label ran by Plank Road Slim (Hawthorne James) while detective Jones (Tommy Ford) and...

1+1: Exploring The Kinsey Reports

True stirring stories from the sensational sex research report are brought dramatically to life starring Leo G. Carroll.

3 Blondes In His Life

A tough detective investigates a robbery and insurance scam and gets involved with some hard-as-nails women.

5 Minutes To Love

An innocent girl becomes involved with slimy scoundrels in this exploitation classic.

A Boy, A Girl And A Dog

Heartwarming story of a scruffy city dog who becomes a hero on the WWII battlefield.

A Child Of The Paris Streets (DVD)

The child of a wealthy judge grows up a thief on the streets. A girl tries to win the heart of a boy after he loses his fortune.

A Clouded Name

Romance blossoms between a heiress and a poor boy who believes the girl's familiy is responsible for his father's death.

A Farewell To Arms (DVD)

Gary Cooper & Helen Hayes star in the original and best version of the classic story about a doomed love affair during war.

A Fig Leaf For Eve

After being arrested for indecent exposure, an exotic dancer learns that she is heiress to a multi-million dollar fortune.

A Fool There Was (DVD)

A married diplomat falls under the spell of a predatory vamp.

A Man Betrayed

A man wrongly accused of murder must rely on criminals to clear his name.

A Man Of Sentiment

A wealthy young woman leaves her fiancé for a man with no money starring Marian Marsh, Owen Moore and Christian Rub.

A Million To One

The son of a disgraced Olympic champion fights to prove himself on the field and fights to win the affections of his alienated father.

A Pair Of Silk Stockings (Silent)

A jilted husband schemes to get his socialite wife back, starring Constance Talmadge, Harrison Ford and Wanda Hawley.

A Parisian Romance (DVD)

When a no-good womanizing baron and falls in love with a young, innocent woman, her long-standing suitor tries to change her mind.

A Promise To Murder

A strange little man predicts the deaths of a wealthy English family, starring Peter Lorre. Bonus:  The Fifth Wheel .
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Various Artists Johnny Nicholas Presents Moon and the Stars- A Tribute to Moon Mullican, Volume One (LP) 01/27/2023
Various Artists Johnny Nicholas Presents Moon and the Stars- A Tribute to Moon Mullican, Volume Two (LP) 01/27/2023
Allan Holdsworth, Allan Pasqua, Chad Wackerman & Jimmy Haslip Proto-Cosmos 12/16/2022
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