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(image for) The Next Episode

The Next Episode

The OG Chicano Rap Ese's Southland are back in town and bringing you The Next Episode . Led by Mister D, This joint is down and dirty with...

(image for) The Southland Gangsters (3 CD)

The Southland Gangsters (3 CD)

- Three CD set, over 45 tracks. - Features Mister D, Sleepy Malo, Conejo, Solo, Siete, Lil' Blacky, Proper Dos, OG Spanish Fly, Spanky, Ese Bobby...

(image for) The Valle Collection (3 CD)

The Valle Collection (3 CD)

- 3 CD set. - Features the East Side Valleros, Solo, Siete, Krazy D, Eazy E, Proper Dos, Pee Wee and more. - Over 40 tracks.  

(image for) The Way of Life

The Way of Life

Old School Chicano Rap legend, Lil One, is back with his latest production titled, The Way Of Life . This album contains 16 tracks and features...

(image for) Throwback Music

Throwback Music

Chicano Rap legend, Malow Mac, is bringing the heat with his latest 2 CD set collection.  Throwback Music contains 38 tracks and features his...

(image for) Timeless


Sleepy Malo and Solo Sinatra team up with producer Spooky to bring you a straight up West Coast Chicano Rap album titled,  Timeless . This album...

(image for) Tough City

Tough City

Most Wanted's Enemy brings you the heat with his brand new album titled,  Tough City . This album features rhymes by D-Salas, Big Hutch,...

(image for) Trust No Man

Trust No Man

- RE-ISSUE.- The classic Chicano Rap album from true OG pioneers Spanish Fly is back!

(image for) Unleashed


Baby Jokes & Syphon are back as Xecutive Disorder, bringing you their new release, Unleashed.This 18 track album features Chicano Rap greats such...

(image for) V (Five)

V (Five)

Brown Boy of "Superman" fame is back with his new CD titled, V (Five) . This new joint features homeboy rappers Zig Zag, Selo, GT Garza,...

(image for) Valley Dreaming

Valley Dreaming

SL Entertainment is proud to present the debut joint by Ace One Eight titled,  Valley Dreaming . This album contains dope beats, bangin'...

(image for) Vida Loka

Vida Loka

Chico's back with an album that is full of flavor, straight street, and 100% Southland!

(image for) West Coast Alliance

West Coast Alliance

Malow Mac's new CD picks up where he last left off, kicking it straight SUR with Mister D, Lil' Blacky, LSOB, Stomper, COA Click, Maniac, Iceberg,...

(image for) West Coast Alliance 2

West Coast Alliance 2

Features Kid Frost, Hillside, Saint, Mr. Shadow, Lil Kasper, LSOB, Spanish Fly and more.Heavy street & radio promotions.Club and car show dates.

(image for) West Coast Guerilleros

West Coast Guerilleros

Features rap legends B-Real, C4, 2 Mex, Diamonique, Kokane, Capone, Fingazz, X-zibit, Down and more.Heavy street & radio promotions.Club &...

(image for) West Coast Nuestra

West Coast Nuestra

Sleepy Malo and Spooky combine forces to unite the streets with  West Coast Nuestra . This album features the singles, "Members Only,"...

(image for) West Coast Nuestra, Vol. 2

West Coast Nuestra, Vol. 2

SL Entertainment returns with a slamming West Coast Nuestra, Volume 2 . This album features an all star lineup such as MC Eiht, Conejo, Big Hutch, G...

(image for) West Coast Official

West Coast Official

Mr. D, the original Chicano Rap Gangster returns with West Coast Official that includes an all-star cast like Cold 187um, MC Eiht, Conejo, Badazz,...

(image for) Year Of The Gangster

Year Of The Gangster

This is the long-anticipated solo project from Mister D, the SUR's original Chicano rap gangster who's been running the game for 10 years and...

(image for) Yesterday's Demos

Yesterday's Demos

The #1 underground Chicano Hip Hop artist, Kryptonite, is back with new tracks & dope rhymes in his latest release titled, Yesterday's Demos ....

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Dominic Quarto Happy Little Accidents 06/28/2024
Sierra Green & The Giants Here We Are 06/21/2024
Ford Dabney's Syncopated Orchestras After Midnight (2 CD) 06/21/2024
Tray Wellington Detour to the Moon 06/21/2024
Gangstagrass Blackest Things on the Menu (LP) 06/14/2024
Gangstagrass Blackest Things on the Menu 06/14/2024
Citrus Sun Anaconga 06/14/2024
Jordan St. Cyr My Foundation 06/14/2024
Namedroppers Starshine 06/14/2024
Lonesome River Band Winning Hand 06/14/2024
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