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Action Double Feature: Target Of An Assassin / The Capetown Affair

A nurse at a hospital kidnaps an African leader. / A detective must retrieve secret microfilm before it ends up in the hands of enemy agents.

Action Shows Of The 1950s (3 DVD)

Three DVD set contains rare and hard to find TV shows from the 1950's.

Adam's Rib (DVD)

A whimsical tale of the battle of the sexes from legendary Hollywood director Cecil B. DeMille!

Adventure Double Feature; Timberesque / The Adventures Of Chico

A playboy heads into the wild to prove his worth to the woman he loves / A young mexican boy finds his place in the wild.

Adventure In Iraq

A group of plane crash survivors are taken prisoner by a hostile sheik who holds them for ransom.

Adventures Of Gallant Bess

A heartwarming tale of a rodeo rider's love for his award-winning horse.

Adventures Of Jim Bowie, Volume 1

Four exciting and dramatic episodes of this early television frontier show.

Adventures Of Jim Bowie, Volumes 1-2

8 episodes on 2-DVDs from the classic 'Adventures of Jim Bowie' television series.

Adventures Of The Flying Cadets

In this action-packed cliffhanger, four young air cadets are accused of murders actually committed by 'The Black Hangman,' a Nazi agent.

Aerial Gunner

Two brave pilots crash land their plane on a Japanese held Pacific island.

Affairs Of Cappy Ricks

A wealthy but crotchety seaman is so disenchanted with his family that he arranges to have them stranded on a desert island.

Africa In Flames (DVD)

The life and death struggles vividly depicted in the heart of the dark continent.

After Mein Kampf / Here Is Germany (DVD)

A tale of the subjugation of humanity detailing the rise of the 3rd Reich. / Ernst Lubitsch's screenplay detailing the rise fascism in Germany.

Air Devils

A pair of Marine officers vie for the affection of a sensual Tahitian beauty.

Air Eagles (DVD)

An airplane pilot and a gangster are rivals in a battle for a beautiful woman's heart.

Air Maniacs: Rare Aviation Shorts (DVD)

A collection of rare Hollywood aeronautic short subjects and trailers.

Airborne (DVD)

A young soldier proves his fighting skills in the face of bullying and brutality. Bonus: 1955 episode of Fury included.

Alaska Highway

A group of Army engineers are assigned to the mammoth and dangerous job of building a highway.
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